My Time – Basketball Coaching

This term Seth and Trevor have been focussing on basketball for their My Time learning. It has been fantastic to see the progress they have shown and developed their learning as required. They started off developing their own basketball skills, then decided that they wanted to take it a step further and coach others.

Over the past three weeks they have been busy taking Tui Syndicate for basketball sessions. Last Friday was their final session with Room 4. Here is some of the wonderful feedback they received from this session from Room 4 and Miss Malone.

What went well:
– You were confident and very in charge of the lesson.
– The session has a clear structure and came across as carefully thought out.
– You had great strategies to split the groups. It was great having the boys and girls separated as the boys are much more competitive.
– It was great that the session had a skill focus before the students engaged with activities to practice them.
– You were very organised and ready for my class which maximised the time you spent teaching basketball skills.
– The session was active and engaging for all students, even those who had tried to opt out before we came to you. It was actually those students who talked the most about how much fun they had had.
– You gave very clear and precise instructions which were at the appropriate level for my students. Not too many but enough that they had to make sure they listened carefully.
– You checked students understanding before you had them complete an activity. This meant activities were done correctly.
– It was great that a lot of the time you modelled how the activity was to be done.
What Students enjoyed
– You modelled how to do activities. It made them feel relaxed because they knew exactly what to do it.
– You were supportive and encouraged everyone, even those who didn’t want to have a go.
– The activities were fun and didn’t go on for too long.
– Having mini competitions in their groups.
– Being split into girls and boys because boys are more competitive.
– You gave people who weren’t doing the right thing something else to do, like running a lap.
Tips for Next time 
– If you were take take my class again include other skills as you now know what their strengths and weaknesses are (spreading out, dribbling and different types of passing)
– Keep praising when students do the right thing. It means a lot to them when seniors are positive towards them. It also demonstrated to them how to be great leaders.
– Just keep doing what you’re doing because its great!

Thank you so very much Room 4 for taking the time to give these boys this fantastic feedback and next steps.

Check out the videos of them in action with Room 3.

What wonderful leaders and coaches we have in our classroom! Keep up the fantastic work boys.


Matariki Hangi

Thursday 21st June saw us celebrate Matariki with our bi-annual school Hangi. It was a great day, where the community and entire school came together to put on a fantastic event.

A huge thank you to all the parents and whanau who took time out to prep food, lay the Hangi, serve the food and clean-up afterwards. It was a massive effort, especially when things didn’t go quite to plan. However it really highlighted just how strong our community is, and how when things aren’t going to plan we can all band together to come up with another option.

Tino pai to mahi




Week 4 My Time Update

It is the end of Week 4, and with that the end of our third week of My Time.

Each group has been working hard with their My Time Projects and it is fantastic to see everyone’s learning developing. The weekly reflections are leading to clear next steps and it is wonderful to see so many groups taking notice of this and acting on it to be more successful each time.

While some groups are working to challenge themselves, others are having to think of ways to make their activity achievable in the time allowed, whilst others have already mastered their set learning outcome and are setting themselves new goals.

Some of the highlights from this week included:

  • Richie, Noah and Noah producing hot food for the judges tasting for the first time!!! And scoring 9’s for their effort!


  • Jacob and Bradley producing the most incredible looking Salted Caramel Meringue Sponge Cake that tasted even better than it looked!


  • Natasha, Joanna and Brandy producing incredibly effective African Silhouette Landscapes.


  • Caleb and Phoenix producing captivating cartoon characters.
  • Morgan cooking a delicious Duck Stir-fry full of flavour on a gas cooker.
  • Ella, Olivia and Amber creating enticing aromatic Bath Bombs.
  • Rico, Seth and Lindsey practicing to nail their rebound jump shots.
  • Harlen and Blake programming their robotics to complete numerous sequenced tasks.


  • Olivia and Shaye creating Oobleck.
  • Sarfyre, Greta and Olivia creating yummy milkshakes focusing on their presentation.

We can’t wait to see what incredible things are produced next week.


Room 13’s Got Talent

Week 1 saw Room 13 showcased at the weekly assembly. With only a week to prepare we thought what better way to showcase ourselves than with our talents that we have in our room!

It was great to see everyone’s strengths shine through,  from art to drama, jokes to singing and everything in between. Check out the video below to see all our wonderful talented students.

My Time

This week Room 13 started our ‘My Time’ activities. My Time is an hour – an hour and a half session where we participate in a learning activity of our choice. We choose activities that we have an interest in and want to find out more about and develop our skills in. There are a lot of different My Time Projects in Room 13 this term including: cooking (trying new cupcake and artisan techniques, every way to cook duck, limited ingredient delicious meals and healthy smoothies), drawing, cultural painting, bath bombs, basketball, science experiments and robotics.

It was fantastic to see the engagement in learning and all the fun ways everyone is improving their skills. We can’t wait to see where all this learning leads.

Mr Durbin, Lyn and Mrs Knyvett had a great time judging all the cooking!!! They provided fantastic feedback and gave helpful hints along the way, such as:

  • To peel the garlic before chopping it!!!
  • To cut the vegetables before beginning cooking the meat!
  • To clean as we go!
  • To grate the cheese and then melt it over the mince! To actually put the cheese on everyones plate!!!
  • And of course  to clean up everything on time – and self-manage time better!!!


Term 2

Welcome back to Room 13 for Term 2! Wow – isn’t the year going by crazy fast!

This term in Room 13 we have a number of exciting things going on, full of hands on, exciting learning. Some of the things for you to be aware of this term:

  • My Time – as part of the year 7/8 programme at Stanley Avenue School we run the My Time Programme (usually during terms 2 and 3). This is where students select an area of interest to them, design their own learning, setting their own goals and success criteria. Once a week they undertake this activity, then reflect on progress and learning and set next steps. Our My Time is scheduled for Friday mornings. Your child has hopefully spoken to you about their selected project and any equipment they require. We aim to have the needed material kept to a minimum and any costs/materials spread evenly amongst the group so that there is not a financial pressure placed on families. My Time projects will be finalised during the first week back, and will begin in Week 2 (Friday 11th May). A note will go home regarding this early this week, but if you have any problems with this please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Winter Olympics – this is a highly anticipated event of the school calendar every year, and Stanley Avenue is once again sending a team of year 7/8 students to Totara Springs in Term 3. All interested students should have brought home a form at the end of Term 1, which included all the important information regarding this camp. All students interested in representing Stanley Avenue School will need to submit a CV, which must include a signed parent consent form. These CV’s are due Wednesday Week 2 (9th May). There will be no class time given to these, however Mrs Rendell and myself will be offering some lunchtimes to help students to complete their individual CV’s. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself, Keely Rendell or Paul Spicer for more information.

I am looking forward to seeing all students back fresh and ready for another exciting term tomorrow. Keep a look out here for snapshots of our learning throughout the term.



Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 5.49.52 pm

Hey everyone just a friendly reminder that because of Easter this weekend there is no school on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday school is closed for a Teacher Only Day – so students are not back at school until Thursday. We look forward to seeing you all back at school on Thursday.

Have a happy and safe long weekend.