Stanley Avenue’s Got Talent – Auditions

Mrs Valencia and Mrs Hamilton have announced that auditions will take place next week for Team Tui and Team Ruru students, for ‘Stanley Avenue’s Got Talent’. Singing, dancing, instrument playing and short performances are all welcome to audition. A showcase will be made for the school and parents to attend for the finalists, in Week 10 this term.

Food Fractions

The last two Fridays have been ‘Food Fraction Fridays’. We are trying to connect our knowledge of equal sharing, that we use in our daily lives, to the number knowledge of fractions. We have done this with equal sharing of food.

We have learned about sharing whole pieces and sets equally, adding and subtracting fractions, comparing fractions and equivalent fractions. Remember to keep practising at home!

Starry Night – with a Te Aroha Matariki Twist

Last week Mrs Hamilton said  we should do some art so our art was inspired by Van Gogh, Starry Night. We all got to choose either the clock tower, walk bridge and the  domain. Most people chose the clock. I chose the walk bridge. Then in the background we did the mountain. Tt has taken us a week

By Emma

I like the patterns on my colouring in star it. Is to celebrate Matariki and the 7 stars. By Flynn

A couple of weeks ago we drew Matariki kites my kites name was called Ururangi it was fun.The week after that we drew 2 Matariki stars and we glued them together.Last week we done a site from in Te Aroha, we drew a site and we drew Van Gogh’s “starry starry night”.                                               By Tara

Last week Room 13 decided to do some art for Matariki we choose Starry Night by Van Gogh. Room 13 chose local destinations e.g. clock, Domain arch way, and the bridge. Instead of paint, we used pastels and we also drew stars to represent  the Seven Stars  of Matariki. by Hannah.

Class Reorganisation

We changed our class around so we had more space in our class room and we got 

new table and now it looks amazing.From Sophie


Last week room 13 Had a switch around we decided that the desk 

Were too cramped so we decided to problem solve. The next morning Mrs Finucune walked in the class. Mrs Hamilton was chatting to her about our problem she said that she will try to find something. She found 

some tables in the library. We moved them from the library to RM 13. It was so nice and that’s the story of the switch around. by Hannah C