Room 13 – About Our Treaty

Room 13 Have been working on our treaty as a class. we didn’t want to have a picture or a drawing, we wanted to have a real treaty. So then some of the class thought we should have a whare and some other people said we should have a tree. We had one chance to persuade the class and then we had a vote to see which of the treaties we would make.

The vote ended with… 12 to 15! The whare won.

We have got bamboo from Rico Dare and Noah DibBle, and have started putting marks on the wall for where the biggest bamboo is going to go.

We are all working in teams based on our interests to contribute to the treaty. Some groups are working on the artwork, others on the mat, others on the building, some on weaving harakeke designs and another group is designing our very own carved tiki.

We cannot wait to see it all come together.


By Trevor


Swimming Sports

Last Friday – Friday February the 23rd, we had some awesome races in the pool because it was Swimming Sports. We even had house cheers!

1st place was Waihou

2nd place was Mokena

3rd place was Te Aroha

4th place was Hauraki

In swimming sports the races were the Medley, Backstroke, Freestyle and Breaststroke. Here in room 13 we had some students make it to the finals and do a tremendous job! Astounding, Breath-taking, Magnificent every word that I can think of that’s better than great!

And I can’t forget how colourful it was there. Everyone was wearing their house colors, some people even brought poms poms and even the teachers were wearing their house colours. It was certainly a splendid event.

Whakawhetai ki a koe mo te korero i tenei me te tuku.

By Greta

Welcome to Ruma tekau ma toru

Welcome to Ruma tekau ma toru. This year we got new furniture. After waiting patiently  for two weeks we finally got our new furniture.

Miss Knyvett, along with Mr Byers and the team at Wood’s Furniture, chose the furniture and it is amazing compared to the furniture that we had before. After adjusting to the new furniture Olivia K, Shaye and I helped move our old furniture to different classrooms. We also got new furniture for our library too since we work in there a lot. It is basically our classroom. We also have a little room behind the library that Mrs Knyvett or Lyn takes groups to work in there sometimes.

We would love to have you visit our amazing new working space so we can show you around.


Here are some pictures.


By Sarfyre

Under Construction

A fresh start to the new year has called for a revamp of our school blogging platform. We have switched all of our class blogs to Word Press instead of Blogger.

Due to the change and the busy start of the year our blogs are currently ‘under construction’ – check back in a few weeks and we should be up and running!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton