My Time – Basketball Coaching

This term Seth and Trevor have been focussing on basketball for their My Time learning. It has been fantastic to see the progress they have shown and developed their learning as required. They started off developing their own basketball skills, then decided that they wanted to take it a step further and coach others.

Over the past three weeks they have been busy taking Tui Syndicate for basketball sessions. Last Friday was their final session with Room 4. Here is some of the wonderful feedback they received from this session from Room 4 and Miss Malone.

What went well:
– You were confident and very in charge of the lesson.
– The session has a clear structure and came across as carefully thought out.
– You had great strategies to split the groups. It was great having the boys and girls separated as the boys are much more competitive.
– It was great that the session had a skill focus before the students engaged with activities to practice them.
– You were very organised and ready for my class which maximised the time you spent teaching basketball skills.
– The session was active and engaging for all students, even those who had tried to opt out before we came to you. It was actually those students who talked the most about how much fun they had had.
– You gave very clear and precise instructions which were at the appropriate level for my students. Not too many but enough that they had to make sure they listened carefully.
– You checked students understanding before you had them complete an activity. This meant activities were done correctly.
– It was great that a lot of the time you modelled how the activity was to be done.
What Students enjoyed
– You modelled how to do activities. It made them feel relaxed because they knew exactly what to do it.
– You were supportive and encouraged everyone, even those who didn’t want to have a go.
– The activities were fun and didn’t go on for too long.
– Having mini competitions in their groups.
– Being split into girls and boys because boys are more competitive.
– You gave people who weren’t doing the right thing something else to do, like running a lap.
Tips for Next time 
– If you were take take my class again include other skills as you now know what their strengths and weaknesses are (spreading out, dribbling and different types of passing)
– Keep praising when students do the right thing. It means a lot to them when seniors are positive towards them. It also demonstrated to them how to be great leaders.
– Just keep doing what you’re doing because its great!

Thank you so very much Room 4 for taking the time to give these boys this fantastic feedback and next steps.

Check out the videos of them in action with Room 3.

What wonderful leaders and coaches we have in our classroom! Keep up the fantastic work boys.


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