Week 4 My Time Update

It is the end of Week 4, and with that the end of our third week of My Time.

Each group has been working hard with their My Time Projects and it is fantastic to see everyone’s learning developing. The weekly reflections are leading to clear next steps and it is wonderful to see so many groups taking notice of this and acting on it to be more successful each time.

While some groups are working to challenge themselves, others are having to think of ways to make their activity achievable in the time allowed, whilst others have already mastered their set learning outcome and are setting themselves new goals.

Some of the highlights from this week included:

  • Richie, Noah and Noah producing hot food for the judges tasting for the first time!!! And scoring 9’s for their effort!


  • Jacob and Bradley producing the most incredible looking Salted Caramel Meringue Sponge Cake that tasted even better than it looked!


  • Natasha, Joanna and Brandy producing incredibly effective African Silhouette Landscapes.


  • Caleb and Phoenix producing captivating cartoon characters.
  • Morgan cooking a delicious Duck Stir-fry full of flavour on a gas cooker.
  • Ella, Olivia and Amber creating enticing aromatic Bath Bombs.
  • Rico, Seth and Lindsey practicing to nail their rebound jump shots.
  • Harlen and Blake programming their robotics to complete numerous sequenced tasks.


  • Olivia and Shaye creating Oobleck.
  • Sarfyre, Greta and Olivia creating yummy milkshakes focusing on their presentation.

We can’t wait to see what incredible things are produced next week.



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